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  • E. M. says:

    I’m so happy with the service I received that I don’t even miss my old dentist office that I had to leave because of insurance reasons. I was very impressed that the doctor, himself, called me the next day to check on me.

  • C. C. says:

    Terrified of dentists. Not Now :) Thanks Dr Damron!!!

  • K. H. says:

    Thank you for making me feel at ease with all of my anxiety.

  • D. T. says:

    Last week I called for a quick appt. for the setting of my permanent crown and y’all worked me in. I so appreciated that. “thank you”.

  • M. B. says:

    I like the staff at your office. Your assistant was pretty good and seemed to be quick thinking during the procedure. And Heather is really helpful and patient with me about the billing. Kudos to you and the staff.

  • A. M. says:

    The injections to relieve pain were better than any I have ever had. I did not feel bad from these, and I have always felt poorly before. Thanks for that!

  • D. K. says:

    Good service – thanks!!

  • C. B. says:

    My cleaning appointment was very good, good job, Thanks

    Great new hygenist. Good personality and easy to talk to. Made me feel comfortable.

  • S. G. says:

    Excellent dentist with quality staff.

  • M. W. says:

    Very impressed with everything. I typically dislike dentist appointments, but this was not bad at all. Way to turn one of my least favorite things into a good experience.

  • D. T. says:

    I just want to say how happy I was to meet Michelle. I believe the examination and treatment she provided were the most thorough I have ever had. She explained and took care of my concerns. She is an excellent asset to your practice.

  • Kay Conlee says:

    Called as a new patient and you were able to work me in the same day. Fixed the problem and got great pain relief. Now scheduled for cleaning. Thanks Dr. Damron and staff for helping put my fears at ease.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love this practice. I like how you use technology to set appointments. I appreciate how you check my insurance balance and give suggestions as to how to best schedule appointments to help me to use all of my balance for the year. I love the Christian environment. The staff is friendly and warm.

  • Anonymous says:

    Damron Denal Care Is the Best Dental Care Around! Damron Dental Care is so highly professional. From the staff to the way I was welcomed in the practice they were a remarkable dental office. I would recomend Damron Dental Care highly to anyone needing a dentist in Memphis or wherever you live. They kept me up to date on my following appointments and were always upfront with me. They are willing to work with any type of dental situation you may have, whether it means doing the footwork of referring you somewhere or taking care of it themselves. They are a outstanding dental health care team. I SUGGEST THEM

  • JoAnne A. says:

    I used to be a dental assistant and I have found Dr. Damron to be an excellent dentist. He knows what he is doing!

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